What We Do

At UNITEXTO we publish and sell digital and print rights of our books.

Unitexto publishes children’s activity and picture books. We develop products that reflect the real needs of children, are attractive, entertaining, educational,  and integrate education in order to develop  the child’s fine motor, social and cognitive skills.

Entertaining children is important. However, only entertainment is not enough. This is why our purpose is to entertain children in an educational way.   We want to strike the right balance between education and entertainment.

We know children of all ages, we are keenly aware of their different tastes and needs when entertainment, education and development are required. We make sure that every child aged from 2-12 will find something   to fully satisfy his needs, likes and expectations.

Why we do it?

It is our belief that children need a childhood full of joyful experiences, as well as the opportunity to develop social and cognitive skills.  It is our belief that our books benefit both children and parents and provide the special blend of education and entertainment we strive for.

How we do it?

Our psychologists, pedagogs, writers, editors and graphic designers work as a team in touch with children. Our team researches all aspects of their needs and likes, their character and behavior, how they use and respond to our books, and assess how and if the book will fit the children´s needs.

Even more, we work closely with educational professionals to develop new ways of educating and entertaining children.

Also their parents are involved in these consultations. Their thoughts, comments and recommendations   are taken into consideration and are included in our books in order to provide appropriate educational and entertaining content.порно порталысорокин илья юрьевич

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